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Flossband by Sanctband, standard width 5cm, available in 4 different strengths

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Flossband standard variant 5cm covers most of application fields while flossing. Ideal to be used on and between the joints (shoulder, elbow, hand, knee and ankle). Available in 4 different band strengths.

• There are 4 different band strengths
• IMPORTANT: The not too smooth, velvety surface guarantees a good "grip" on the skin (no slipping during application)    
• IMPORTANT: Ideal strengths! Exercise bands are not designed for use flossing ! The stretch performance of the flossbands must be specifically optimized for the needs of flossing!
• Free from harmful substances, without hesitation washable
• This band serie was developed in collaboration with the famous sports physiotherapist Sven Kruse specifically for his EASYFLOSSING concept

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Sanctband, in collaboration with the renowned sports physiotherapist Sven Kruse, has developed a flossband set comprising of 4 different strengths and 3 widths based on his EASYFLOSSING-concept. During Flossing these 2m long natural rubber bands are tightly and firmly wrapped around the part of the body to be treated or at the joint.

How does flossing work?
Through various application possibilities, compression is exerted on the muscles by the band. This takes place under active and passive movements of the extremity on which the band is wrapped. When the flossband is released, the fluid or blood stasis is terminated and the tissue gets flushed (so-called sponge technique). There are several explanations and theories, but scientific is still missing.

Why 4 various strengths of flossbands?
The EASYFLOSSING-set consists of 4 different strengths of flossbands. The different resistance levels allow the generation of specific application levels for a differentiated stimulation of various deep tissue layers. Thus, it is possible for the physiotherapist to offer therapy series of specific and appropriate intensity. The 4 different flossband strengths also take into account the different tolerance limits of patients.

Why 3 different band widths?
The 4 different band strengths are available in 3 different widths (2,5cm - 5cm - 7,5cm). This allows differentiated application methods adequate to different sized joints or body parts (hands, feet, knee, elbow, hip, thorax).

Depending on requirements, you can choose individual flossband with a specific strength for special purposes. To cover a wide flossing spectrum, especially if you want to implement Sven Kruse’s flossing concept, we recommend the inexpensive set with 4 different strengths.

4 different band strengths:

• Variable application pressure - depending on the indication
• Different layers of tissue and fascial structures reachable
• Therapy formation through systematic application increase
• Consideration of different tolerances of patients

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